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I don't like how the the Beast event is dispersed throughout
I would also consider RuneScape gold improving the battle system. At the moment the combat system is fun for PvM but futile for PvP. Since PvM is almost completely members just most new players will never receive a taste of PvM. Therefore I propose reforming the system somewhat so it is compatible with PvP. Right now the battle system is way too powerful and offensively based for PvP. Maybe adding in some more defensive abilities and reducing the power of assault skills at least at the presence of gamers would be a step in the right direction. And of course I would listen to the gamers for ideas. Jagex has ever been doing this however, even if not with 100% efficiency.

We've already finished one world event and we're more than halfway through the moment, therefore I believe it's a good time to make comparisons and decide which one we like better. I liked the first one better, partially because it was new and I had more of a motive to participate (get warpriest, which I believed was going to be the best freeplay armor. Got nerfed however ). Here are some other reasons:

1, The failure isn't killed off. I think various storylines (such as the cave goblin one) will lose some of their potency should you kill off Bandos. Sure, the quests happen in the past, but is it significant whether he's only going to die anyway? In the first one, Zamorak was kicked out, but I suppose he's still hanging about Runescape and has a strong and loyal following. He is nowhere close irrelevant/dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death (which I presume takes place after the first world event).

2, Central location. I don't like how the the Beast event is dispersed throughout the freeplay world. It is more difficult to find a concept of what's going on if some areas of the event are happening around the world. I understood what had to be done quickly with the Lumbridge event, while I screwed around for an hour at the Bird and the Beast and did not figure out considerably. Maybe I am emotionally slow and the complexity is good, but I think simplicity is something which is usually undervalued in life.

3, Experiencethe majority of people enjoy the free building xp. After I did it I only got 1 xp at a time and likely at a rate of 5k/hour roughly. Maybe it's because I just have 26 structure?

I know this is something none of us or Jagex can restrain, however, an event is actually a lot more fun when the sides are kind of even. Everybody understood Saradomin would win in the first one also, but cheap OSRS gold was closer. The lopsided margin also rears its ugly head in PvP more, which could be among the reasons why many more people are whining that this time around.

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